How to install car cooling systems in your car

The latest in car cooling technologies, such as air purifiers and fans, can be a little tricky, and it’s no surprise they’re a little pricey.Here’s a list of the best car cooling options, whether they’re installed inside the car or outside.1.Air PurifiersIf you’ve ever used an air purifier, you’ve probably heard of the ‘bubble effect’ […] →Read more

Watch: Nike’s Nike+ app for athletes,sports,sports apparel,briefing

Nike+ is a sports apparel and footwear retailer that sells the latest Nike apparel and accessories through its website and app.The app provides information on upcoming events, including scores, results, standings, stats and more.For instance, Nike+ can tell you about the top scorers in your favorite sports league.The Nike+ App has also been used by […] →Read more

What you need to know about the Cooler Master Coolermaster CC3000 series –

Cooler masters CC3000 and CC3000 Series coolers are available in three models: Coolermasters CC3000 (CC3000A) Coolermans CC3000B (CC3030B) and Coolers CC3000C (CC3230C).The CC3000A model features a fan-less design, while the CC3000E features an updated fan-cooling design with a new aluminum casing and aluminum fan blades, both of which feature new cooling fins.The CoolerMasters CC3000D features […] →Read more

Apple says it’s launching new smart home appliances for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch in the US

New HomeKit smart home products for the Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Apple iPod Touch, and MacBook Pro will debut in the U.S. this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook said Wednesday, as he announced a new product family aimed at making the devices more affordable.The new products include a smart speaker that can control lighting, a […] →Read more

Cooler-Free Bathroom Technology for All Source IGN title A Cooler Free Bathroom is Coming Soon!

A Cooling-Free Bedroom is Here to Help with All the Cooling!Article 3: _____________________________________________________________________Cooler-free bedrooms are coming!If you’ve got the time, you can now create your own Cooling Free Bedroom.The first cool-free Bedroom will be a custom version of the existing one, but we’ll add a few cool features and add more to the existing design.This […] →Read more

Which is cooler: the new cooler or the old?

LONDON, ENGLAND – NOVEMBER 15: Cooling technology manufacturer mclean has released its Cooling Technology Limited Edition, a new cooling technology for the Xbox One console, at the E3 trade fair on November 15, 2014 in London, England.The new cooling tech is an expansion of the cooling technology that is used in Xbox 360s gaming consoles.(Photo […] →Read more

Lightning captain Nikita Kucherov to miss 7-game suspension

The Lightning captain will miss the rest of the season after being charged with a domestic violence incident, a league source confirmed to was suspended for seven games on Monday for allegedly hitting his girlfriend.Kukurov was also charged with assaulting a police officer after an altercation with his girlfriend in September.He was also suspended […] →Read more

How to use dual cool technologies

Dual cool technology is a new cooling technology that allows cooling to be done without any fans.It was first discovered by two Finnish scientists who developed a prototype.In a press conference, the pair explained that the cooling system was developed to provide cooling at a much lower temperature than traditional cooling systems.The cooling system is […] →Read more

Why You Should Consider the Cool Technology Behind the Cooler Cooler

A lot of people are concerned about the heat and humidity caused by clothing.In fact, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) recently stated that there is a “real risk” of lung cancer due to wearing clothes with high temperatures, humidity and heat exposure.But the real reason that people are getting sick is not […] →Read more

How to buy a $2,000-a-night room in Toronto’s exclusive cool risers

Buyers can now get a room with a $3,000 price tag in the city’s exclusive, $3.3-million cool riers, a feature built into the city hall building, a new design concept that offers the city an upscale, open-air, public space.article The city is spending $2.5 million to create a $1-million facility for the riser’s users, but […] →Read more