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  • Which are the hottest products from chip cooling tech and which are not?

    Cool technology has long been an attractive target for tech companies looking to boost profits.And in the last two years, some of the hottest chipsets have been made by a few of the largest names in the chip cooling world.Chip cooling technology uses heat-to-volume (HTV) technology, a technology used to cool chips that are on […]

  • Why should you buy a LED-backlit fridge?

    With the arrival of LED-backsplash, the fridge may become less expensive and easier to clean.Read More and the use of carbon nanotubes and microlens technology, the technology could help to cut down on the CO2 emissions associated with traditional wood-burning methods.It has been reported that this technology has already been used in some of India’s […]

  • How to Build Your Own Laser Cooling System

    In a recent interview with The Guardian, the company behind the popular laser cooling system, Laser Cool, CEO Jason Marder told the publication that they’ve developed a way to turn a simple computer system into a powerful cooling solution for cooling devices.In addition to the use of high-end cooling hardware, the product includes a cooling […]

  • How to install the coolest cooler you can find on your new iPhone 7S

    The first thing you’ll want to do is grab your favorite iPhone 7s case, because there are so many cool things that can be added to it.Here’s a look at some of the coolest options you can buy for the new iPhone:1.Cool Touch Touch Technology for iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 The new iPhone […]

  • Air Disc Cooling Technologies Get Their Own Tech Blog

    The Air Disc, an innovative cooling device from a Japanese company, may be getting its own tech blog.The company, Air Disc Corp., said Wednesday that it had launched a website to showcase its latest Air Disc coolers, which are designed to help customers cool their gadgets with air.The website is powered by the company’s Cooler […]

  • How to find the best smartphone battery for your needs

    The latest smartphone battery technology may seem like a new thing, but it’s actually been around for a long time.The battery technology is the way to go if you want a high-quality battery, or you want to conserve power as you do your work.The more power you get from your smartphone, the more battery capacity […]

  • What does a ‘hot’ refrigerator look like?

    A recent New York Times article, titled “Hot Furniture: The Coolest Home You Can Build in a Bathroom” , was a hit with both fans and the general public, and has been viewed more than 13 million times on Facebook and more than 2 million times since it was published last Thursday.In this article, we’ll […]

  • Why you need to get a Cool apartment to stay cool in 2018

    When it comes to staying cool, the key to keeping cool is not to sweat, but to take care of yourself.Cool apartments, in contrast, are places where you can work or play without risking overheating.We’re here to tell you what to look for when you’re considering one.Read More .Cool apartments are usually small, with minimal […]

  • When the Dolphins finally get an official cooler

    The Miami Dolphins will be getting their first official cooling system of the year, according to a report from the Miami Herald.The new cooler is a convection system, meaning it will cool down the footballs to the temperatures inside the stadium, but not at a high enough speed to significantly reduce the temperature.“The cooler has […]

  • How to use self-cooling technology

    Self-cooler technology is a new trend in the cool turf industry.Coolers are now popping up in indoor landscaping, outdoor patio furniture and even in office furniture.Cooling is a key part of building a home that’s easy to maintain.And while it can help with the maintenance of a home, it can also be a way to […]

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