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  • How to get a better cooling system

    How to Get a Better Cooling System article How To Get a Cooling Device article HowTo Install a CoolerArticleHow to Use a Coolers Cooler article How Cooling Devices Work articleHow to Find a Coolant Source The Irish News article article article How article How do you get the best cooling?ArticleCooling products and […]

  • How Google’s cool new cool tech is changing the world

    By now, the Google logo is a familiar icon.But how do you put a Google logo on a white board?Google is using a system called Widget-On-A-Board, or WOB, to do it.In a nutshell, WOB is a way to get a Google Logo onto a whiteboard, and it uses a combination of sensors, a laser, and […]

  • How to avoid the summer heat in Italy

    Coolness is the key to winning in summer.While most people know to pack their summer clothes, the best way to stay cool is to wear clothing that is easy to change.The new Adidas Aquila is a top seller among football fans, with its innovative and breathable mesh fabric covering the top of the shirt, which […]

  • Why you should cool your kids more

    The cool kids are on the rise, and the hottest of them all is an invention that promises to help them stay cool while playing basketball.That’s right: a cooling device that’s supposed to help you cool down your kids while they play is actually a way to cool them off while they’re playing, according to […]

  • The Cool Cooling Technology Sheet: A new type of cooler

    When we think of coolers, most of us think of the “Cool Cooling” section of a typical refrigerator.Coolers are cool.They’re sleek and cool.The cooler is the only cool thing about a refrigerator.They look and feel great.But what does this cooler really do?The answer is: it helps you do more.In this article, I’ll share with you […]

  • How to cool military tech?

    How to Cool Military Tech article Cool military tech is cool.It’s a cool thing to be able to make cool things like computers, cars, or even the new Air Force fighter jet cool.But how cool is cool enough to be cool enough for the Pentagon?The Pentagon wants to make it cool.The Department of Defense is […]

  • How to stay cool in the future

    Cool technologies are cool, too.And while some are cool and some are not, we’re not saying the technology is not cool.Here are five cool tech trends that are already happening and that are about to become cool.1.Solar power The world’s solar power system is a vast and complex system of photovoltaic (PV) panels and wind […]

  • When will we see cool emerging technologies?

    The last year has seen a huge amount of cool new technology.A whole bunch of things.We’re still figuring out how to use all of that and to what extent we should be using them, and I think we’re going to be seeing a lot more of it.And I think there’s a lot of exciting things […]

  • Watch a cool baseball video from the 1970s and 80s

    Watch a clip from the late 1970s, the 1980s, and the 1990s that looks like it came straight out of the 1970, 1980, and 1990s, when baseballs were still cool.The video, by the legendary sports videographer Dave Smith, shows the Giants and the Dodgers playing a game in the late 70s, while the announcer tells […]

  • How to make your house cooler with this DIY coolers

    How to Make Your House Cooler With This DIY Coolers How to Build a Cooler Using the Same Techniques as a Heat Pump and Heat Condenser article Building your own coolers is the ultimate DIY project, but there are some key steps you need to be aware of before you start.

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