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Nike+ is a sports apparel and footwear retailer that sells the latest Nike apparel and accessories through its website and app.

The app provides information on upcoming events, including scores, results, standings, stats and more.

For instance, Nike+ can tell you about the top scorers in your favorite sports league.

The Nike+ App has also been used by athletes to record videos of their workouts, which are then posted to YouTube.

The company recently announced that the app will be available for Apple Watch in the coming months.

Nike+ also sells a fitness tracker, a watch strap, a bracelet, a hoodie and other Nike+ apparel and shoes.

Nike CEO Phil Knight said that Nike+ has a long history of delivering products that work with athletes to help them achieve their goals.

The sports apparel giant said in a blog post that its app provides athletes with information on everything from training routines to nutrition, health and fitness, and it helps them to connect with other athletes, coaches, team members and sponsors.

Nike will be launching the app in the US later this year.

Nike’s wearable technology business is expected to reach $2.7 billion in 2020, according to analysts.