Which is cooler: the new cooler or the old?

LONDON, ENGLAND – NOVEMBER 15: Cooling technology manufacturer mclean has released its Cooling Technology Limited Edition, a new cooling technology for the Xbox One console, at the E3 trade fair on November 15, 2014 in London, England.

The new cooling tech is an expansion of the cooling technology that is used in Xbox 360s gaming consoles.

(Photo by Matt Dunham/Getty Images) LONDON (AFP) – Microsoft has released a new Xbox One cooling technology called Compression Cooling, which uses compressed air to cool down the console.

The technology will be available for the new Xbox after launch, but is expected to launch on the new console in April or May.

Microsoft has said that it wants to get as many gamers playing games as possible on the latest consoles, and the new technology will help to do that.

Compression Coolings are a new type of cooling technology designed to help cool games down and reduce the noise generated by their sound.

Microsoft claims that it can reduce the volume of noise coming from the console by 20-40 percent compared to a regular fan, and that the technology can reduce noise levels up to 20 percent compared with normal air cooling.

Microsoft will sell Compressioncooling separately on the Xbox website and in retail stores.

The new cooling system will have a capacity of 200W and will be made of an aluminium alloy and an aluminium foil to give the console a more premium feel, according to Microsoft.

Compressor Cooling can be installed on a wide range of Xbox consoles, but it has traditionally been used to cool the graphics card, which is why it is not included on the current Xbox console.

Microsoft plans to expand the use of CompressionCooling in Xbox One, with the company saying that it is looking into creating new compression systems to use on the next Xbox.

Microsoft also has a similar system for the next generation Xbox.

The company is also looking into using CompressorCooling on the upcoming PS4.

Microsoft, however, has yet to reveal when it plans to launch its new Xbox hardware.

The Xbox One is expected at launch to be a console with four screens, but this has not yet been confirmed by Microsoft.