‘Cool Assistive Technology’ can help keep your eyes cool in winter

Cool Assistive technology is used in some parts of the world to prevent eye strain and to keep you cool.

But what exactly is it and why is it useful?

How does it work?

Cool Assistives are a technology developed to cool the eyes during the winter.

Cool Assistives use a special type of electrical energy to cool and absorb the energy from sunlight.

The electrical energy heats the body to keep the eyes cool and cool the body.

Cool Assistivs are often used in places where heat is a concern and people are not comfortable using cool water to cool their eyes.

However, Cool Assistiv use can be used safely in the winter and can help prevent eye irritation.

What is Cool Assist?

The Cool Assist technology was developed by Philips.

It works by placing a cool, flexible material over the skin.

It then heats up the skin to the temperature of the water.

When the skin cools, it absorbs the cooling effect.

What do the Cool Assist Technologies do?

The Philips Cool Assist Technology absorbs some of the cooling from sunlight, then uses that cooling to cool your eyes and prevent eye swelling.

It also helps prevent eye pain and inflammation.

Why is Cool Aid important?

Cool Aid is a cool water, water cooling technology.

The Cool Aid uses electrical energy, water and pressure to cool, absorb and re-warm the skin of the eye.

The cooling and rewarming process is what makes Cool Aid work.

How to use Cool AidTherapeutic Cool Aid is an advanced cooling technology that helps prevent the cooling effects of sunlight and heat from becoming too hot.

The cooling is done by using an advanced heating and cooling system.

It is used by some people to keep their eyes cool during the colder months.

Cool Aid also works well to cool down the body if it is cold.

The Cool Aid can be worn for up to four hours a day.

The amount of time that it lasts depends on how cool the temperature is.

How long the Cool Aid stays on the skin depends on the type of Cool Aid.

The more time that the Cool Aids stays on, the less it cools the skin, so it is best to wear the Coolaid at least four hours each day.

How do I wear Cool Aid?

Cool aid should only be worn when you are at a cool temperature.

Wear the Cool aid when you can wear your normal glasses and your normal clothing.

If you are wearing glasses or a mask, wear the cooler part of the CoolAid for longer periods of time.

Cool aid can also be worn as an eye mask if the cooling is too intense.

Do not wear Cool aid as a face mask if you are allergic to cooling or if you have a medical condition that causes irritation.

CoolAid is not a prescription medicine and is not suitable for use by children.

Coolaid should only ever be used by people with normal eyesight and who can tolerate the heat of the sun.

How long does Cool Aid last?

CoolAid has a lifespan of around 12 to 18 hours.