Google is developing cool bar technologies for bars and restaurants to keep tabs on customer activity

Posted by Fortune on Thursday, January 11, 2020 04:31:02Google is developing awesome bar technology to keep track of customer activity, including the volume of people in the bar, the temperature, and the amount of drinks they have.

The technology will be part of the new Cool Bar App, Google’s attempt to improve the way people interact with Google.

The new cool bar app will be available for Android, Apple and Windows phones.

Google’s cool bar apps are a little like a video-game-like interface.

When a user walks into a bar or restaurant, they get a video feed of the activity of all the people in their bar or dining room.

They can click on any of those people to view a quick overview of their time and activity.

Google hopes the new cool bars app will make the experience of being at a bar, or dining, or bar and grill more interactive and enjoyable.

The cool bar experience is already an essential part of many bar experiences, including bar crawls, food crawls and restaurant crawls.

The bar apps also can help businesses understand how to maximize their customers’ engagement and engagement, or even help businesses make money.

The Google app will have the ability to create a custom bar tab on Android phones and tablets that shows the customer’s activity, a user’s total time and volume, and how much drinks are being consumed by each customer.

The tab can be customized to show a different bar each time.

Google is hoping the app will help businesses find ways to better manage their customers, increase the number of people who show up, and reduce the cost of service.

It will also help businesses manage customers who are too busy to wait for their food to come, or who have trouble sitting through the entire wait, which can take up to three hours.

Google said that the new apps will help to increase the customer engagement of Google’s core products, including YouTube and Android search.

The company’s other products, Gmail and Google Wallet, have already started to be used in restaurants, bars and other services.

Google also has a “sensor bar” on Android smartphones and tablets to track the number and size of people watching YouTube videos and other videos.

Google said that it will offer the cool bar to all restaurants in the United States starting next month.

In the future, the company said it will also roll out the app to more than 50,000 bar-related apps worldwide.