How to avoid the summer heat in Italy

Coolness is the key to winning in summer.

While most people know to pack their summer clothes, the best way to stay cool is to wear clothing that is easy to change.

The new Adidas Aquila is a top seller among football fans, with its innovative and breathable mesh fabric covering the top of the shirt, which is then completely covered by the mesh.

This feature is the new Aquila’s most advanced technology, according to Adidas’ director of technology and innovation, Stefano Ferretti.

He told reporters: “We’ve been using the Aquila for some time and now we can really bring the product to the market.”

The new Aquilas mesh technology is a breakthrough in the sport and the Aquila is one of the most innovative products we’ve developed to date.

The Aquilabs mesh fabric provides a more comfortable and breathability, which means the shirt will remain cool when the temperature outside increases.

The first Aquilashows are already sold in Italy, with the brand expected to expand globally in the coming years.