How to Build Your Own Laser Cooling System

In a recent interview with The Guardian, the company behind the popular laser cooling system, Laser Cool, CEO Jason Marder told the publication that they’ve developed a way to turn a simple computer system into a powerful cooling solution for cooling devices.

In addition to the use of high-end cooling hardware, the product includes a cooling controller and cooling fan, which is used to power the laser cooling solution.

The controller, which we’ve previously seen in use on the Intel Xeon Phi processor, is able to power up to five computers, according to the article.

As far as the cooling is concerned, the controller has been designed to run off of a single 6.3-VDC supply line.

While we don’t have a pricing information for the product, the video above makes it clear that this is an expensive option.

The company is offering a special introductory pricing of $1,800 for the unit, which includes all of the components needed for the installation.

For more information on the product and the process of building it, head over to The Guardian.