How the Cool Deck Technology works – Video

The cool deck is an innovation in cooling systems, used in some of the latest sports cars, to cool the engine to prevent it overheating.

But it can also be used for other purposes, such as reducing heat buildup in the engine and helping to reduce the risk of fire and oil fires.

Cooling systems can also cool the outside of the vehicle to prevent engine damage and prevent oil from leaking.

The idea behind the Cool deck technology was to reduce overheating, while allowing the engine compartment to cool and keep it running at a cool level.

Cooling systems are usually made of metal, and they usually have a radiator and coolant flow, which are designed to reduce heat.

They also use special components to slow the flow of air through the system to cool it, to prevent condensation and oil from escaping.

The coolant also helps to cool things down and helps cool down the engine, as well as reduce the temperature of the radiator and cooling fan.

The cool deck, which is often referred to as the coolant, is a liquid coolant.

It is made up of a liquid water-based coolant that contains oxygen and other air.

Coolant flows in a stream from the tank.

If you put your car in a coolant tank, the tank will be full of the coolants, which will not have enough liquid to circulate around, and so will cool the car.

Coolants can cool air from the engine down to a low pressure in the cabin, which helps keep it from overheating and overheating the engine.

Cooling system technology Cooling system systems have been around for some time, but they have been relatively new.

The Cool Deck is one of the most advanced Cool Deck technologies, and it has been in the industry for many years.

How cool is it?

The cooldeck uses a system of four small coolant tanks, which sit in the front of the engine bay, and are surrounded by a steel frame.

The radiator has two pipes running from it.

The engine is cooled with the radiator, but the radiator also has cooling fan blades.

There is also a cooling fan on the radiator.

The system works by circulating the coolings across the engine while also cooling the cooling fan and radiator.

The fans are designed so that they don’t have to turn at all, and this allows the engine’s airflow to cool down.

When the engine is running, it is cool to the touch.

Cool Deck technologyCool deck coolant is an invention from the automotive industry that helps cool the inside of the car to prevent overheating while reducing the risk and the cost of fuel spills.

The technology, which was developed in the US and Europe, has been used in cars such as the Audi Q5, Ferrari LaFerrari, and McLaren P1, among others.

Cool deck technology is used in many carsCool deck is used to cool engine Cooling coolantCool deck has been around in the automotive world for some years.

In a nutshell, the cool deck uses a process called flow-through cooling.

Flow-through coolant coolant uses air to cool a liquid (water) and then cools it down.

The process works by making the liquid cool as it moves through the cooling system, and when it cools down, the liquid flows through the radiator to the engine intake manifold and through the engine exhaust system.

This is what it looks like when the Cool decks flow-Through coolant cooler coolant has been known to flow through the Coolers intake manifold to the intake manifold, where the cool liquid is passed through the intake system, the Cool engine exhaust systems.

The Cool Deck coolant used in a Ferrari La FerrariThe cool water flowing through the coolers intake systemCooling cool water flows through Cooling water is another common cooling system for cooling engines.

This cool water is also used in refrigeration systems, but it has an even more important function in cooling engines as it helps keep the engine running cool.

The cooler water coolant flows through a metal plate that has a ring in the centre of it.

In the centre is the radiator radiator, which has a tube running through it.

As the cool water cools through the metal plate, the metal tube heats up and the metal heats up, giving off heat.

The cooling system is a mixture of air and liquid, with the cooling fluid flowing through a radiator.

This process creates heat, and the cool air then flows through to the radiator where it is heated.

The cooler air then passes through the cooler metal tube, which cools the radiator while the metal coolant continues to flow around the radiator itself.

When the Cool cards flow- through coolant Cooling cooling cool water goes from radiator to engine Coolant cooling water is the water that the engine cools by circulating.

It flows through coolers cooling system as it cool’s.

The coolest coolant on a Cool deckCool deck uses coolant to cool radiator Cooling process cooling fluid coolant can also flow through