Air Disc Cooling Technologies Get Their Own Tech Blog

The Air Disc, an innovative cooling device from a Japanese company, may be getting its own tech blog.

The company, Air Disc Corp., said Wednesday that it had launched a website to showcase its latest Air Disc coolers, which are designed to help customers cool their gadgets with air.

The website is powered by the company’s Cooler Master technology.

“The Cooler Maker, as it is called, is a small, portable cooling unit that uses a combination of the CoolerMaster and air disc cooling technology to cool a PC or mobile device in a matter of seconds,” the Air Disc website said.

Cooler Maker is one of several technologies being deployed by Air Disc.

The company says the Coolermaster Cooler is also compatible with CoolerMaker, but it is not clear whether those coolers work on the CoolingTech Air Discs.

Coolermaster also makes CoolerMax and CoolerFan, two of its cooling products, as well as CoolerLink, a wireless cooling device.

CoolerMakers are sold through a website.

Air Disc said it has more than 250,000 registered users, including over 10,000 in China.

It has more patents and patents pending than any other cooling company.

The company said it plans to sell Cooler Makers in China, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Russia, France, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, the U.K. and the United States.

The Air Duct coolers are available now.