Tesla: We’re taking on the ‘cooler boost’ industry

A tech company is taking a crack at what the cooling technology of Tesla’s Supercharger network is really capable of, and the company has already begun deploying the technology.

TechCrunch reports that Tesla has a coolers’ boost that, like a fan, is actually a small compressor, that can be used to pump water out of a tank of water to help keep a car cool.

This is something that has been available to automakers and other manufacturers for years, but Tesla is now pushing the technology in a much more practical way.

Tesla says the coolers boost has the potential to reduce water loss by as much as 70 percent.

The company says it will begin testing this technology in Superchargers starting later this year, with more stations planned to follow.

The company has made a lot of progress in improving the Supercharging experience over the last few years, which is something it had to deal with for the past decade.

Now, the company is finally moving on to something a lot more practical: Coolers boost.