China: Cooling applied to the world’s air, says president

The world’s second-largest economy is preparing to install cooling technology to reduce global warming.

China’s central government has announced plans to install 100,000 solar thermal plants across the country by 2020 and to add another 100,00 over the next two years.

“China is the world leader in the deployment of renewable energy technologies, and we’re preparing to implement more solar thermal technologies for the benefit of our people,” President Xi Jinping said on Saturday, during his visit to the country.

He also pledged that China will invest $2.3 trillion to help meet the challenges of climate change.

China has already deployed some solar thermal projects in the past.

Xi’s comments come as a growing number of countries, including the US, are installing solar thermal energy to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The US has invested billions of dollars in the technology, while the EU is building a $2 billion solar thermal plant in Spain.

In recent years, China has invested in renewable energy, including wind and solar energy, as part of efforts to reduce emissions and increase the country’s reliance on energy sources.

However, the world is experiencing unprecedented amounts of heat and drought, and the country faces challenges in adapting to rising temperatures.

During Xi’s visit to China, he announced the deployment and operation of a new coal-fired power plant in Jiangsu province, which he said will produce up to 5,000 megawatts of electricity.