The Next Generation of Hybrid Cooling Technologies is Coming: Bloomberg

The technology to create ultra-cooling systems has changed dramatically over the past 20 years, but the evolution has been slow, with some companies focusing more on the cooling systems than the devices themselves.

Bloomberg is reporting that the next generation of hybrid cooling is poised to deliver a “new level of performance” compared to traditional coolers, and the technology has a good chance of finding its way to mainstream cooling products as soon as 2020.

Bloomberg notes that it’s not clear what exactly the technology will be like, but it’s expected to be “the world’s most advanced cooling system.”

Bloomberg says that the company is investigating the technologies, but that it can’t provide specific specifications until it has a working prototype.

Bloomberg cites a company called “Aventura Technology,” which it says has the ability to manufacture and manufacture “cooling solutions that will not only provide high performance, but also deliver an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient cooling system that is compatible with a wide variety of materials and applications.”

Aventura Technologies, which is owned by French-based Anavex, is also in the process of developing a cooling system for a new high-end car.

The company’s products will not be marketed commercially, but they will be offered as an optional add-on for the company’s vehicles.