‘We are trying to find a solution to keep people cool’: Nova Scotia hospital says it’s investigating how to keep workers cool

The Nova Scotia Hospital System is investigating how it can keep employees cool during the winter months.

Dr. John Aylward said his organization is also looking into the feasibility of installing the technology at its four operating theatres in Nova Scotia.

“We are currently reviewing the technology for implementation at our theatres,” he said.

“This is not a new technology.

We have been looking at this for many years and we’ve done a lot of research, so we’re confident in our knowledge of this technology.”

He said the hospital is also exploring whether to install the cooling systems in the larger theatres at its main campus in Halifax, its downtown campus in St. John’s, and the hospital’s main campus and the adjacent hospitals.

“The only way we can ensure we’re keeping our employees cool is to have a fully enclosed, secure space,” he added.

Aylward is the executive director of the Nova Scotia Association of Medical Facilities and Health Care Professionals.