Honda takes first steps in developing cooling system technology for its Civic vehicles

The first-ever cooling system for the new Civic Si and Si Turbo is expected to be ready for the next model year.

Honda’s Civic-related cooling system is based on an existing technology known as “supercooling” that is used for cars with high performance exhaust systems.

“The next-generation Civic Si sports car is expected with a supercooling engine and the Si Turbo, a car that will feature a supercharger, has already been developed,” Honda’s press release said.

The press release also said that Honda plans to develop an improved supercooler technology for the Si and to add an engine cooling system that will help reduce the amount of exhaust gases that reach the engine exhaust system.

Honda also said it is working on the “cooling and cooling system” technology that it plans to release to the public.

Supercooling, or high-performance exhaust systems, allow exhaust gases to be redirected towards the engine, reducing the amount that exhausts into the air.

Honda’s current supercoolers are made up of a compressor and an air-injection system.

Supercoolers have been used in several supercars, including the Pagani Zonda, but Honda has been the only automaker to use them on a vehicle in the world.

The Civic uses the technology in its current model year, but its next model will likely use the new technology.

A Honda spokesperson told Autoblog that the company has not yet released the name of the next-gen Civic model, but the first-generation Si Turbo has a similar name.

Other companies have been developing cooling systems for cars.

Mercedes-Benz has developed a similar cooling system called the “supercompressor” that uses two separate supercooled engines to cool the supercharged engines. 

The Honda Civic-specific cooling system uses a similar technology as the Supercooler used in the Pagini Zonda and the Mercedes-AMG GTE.

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