What Qatar will be like when it goes live in 2019

The Qatar government has officially begun planning for the first time for the nation to enter the global era of renewable energy.

Dubbed Qatar’s Renewable Energy Nation, the government announced in December that it would create a $4 billion energy industry to provide jobs and growth to the region.

It will include $300 million in government investment in wind and solar farms and more than 1,500 energy companies, including the country’s biggest utility.

“The new Qatari Renewable Economy will provide jobs, create growth, and provide a platform for the construction of Qatari energy companies and technologies,” the government said in a statement.

Qatar’s first solar farm is in the capital, Doha.

The government said it will also help establish a new renewable energy sector.

Qatari energy industry has grown from a few hundred small-scale energy companies to a $100 billion industry in the past two years.

The government says the industry will create more than 3,000 jobs and boost Qatar’s gross domestic product by 5%.

The country also plans to export some of its electricity to other countries.