China launches new cooling technology for laptops

China has announced the creation of the world’s first laptop-cooling technology, which is aimed at helping computers run at lower temperatures, while keeping them cool.

The CoolTech cooling technology is a two-stage system that combines a thermal compound, a cooling liquid, and a ceramic-based membrane.

This combination enables computers to be cooled by an external cooling unit and still retain good performance when the computer is not in use, according to the CoolTech website.

The CoolTech system was developed by Beijing-based CoolTech Technologies.

The technology is designed to help improve efficiency in cooling computers.

The system is designed in China, with support from the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

“We have developed a novel thermal system for the cooling of computer parts,” CoolTech CEO Zhu Jingjin told a news conference in Beijing on Tuesday.

“It can reduce the thermal cost of cooling components by 10%, reduce the time it takes to cool, and allow computers to stay cooler longer.”

CoolTech’s cooling system can be configured to achieve various cooling levels, including the highest-performing thermal compound and the smallest membrane.

The cooling liquid can be supplied by the manufacturer.

It can also be supplied as an external radiator, according a CoolTech press release.

CoolTech says it has patented its technology, and has raised $6 million in funding from Chinese internet technology company Taobao.