Cool microscope technology for colleges

Cool microscope tech for colleges is here!

We are pleased to announce CoolTechLab, an extension to CoolTech, a suite of tools designed to make studying and studying with the most advanced microscopes in the world easier for students and teachers alike.

CoolTechLab allows students and educators to access the same catalog of tools and resources as CoolTech for their own classroom.

Students can easily find and search through the collection of free microscope libraries from CoolTech labs and libraries, or browse their own libraries for free.

Students will also have access to the CoolTech lab’s free online tools and tutorials, plus the new CoolLab Learning Toolkit.

CoolLab’s suite of curated, interactive tools and learning tools include the following:• LabWorks: The LabWorks library of tools for students to use in their own labs to teach students about the science behind their research.

LabWorks is the perfect companion for students who want to learn the ins and outs of a scientific lab.• CoolLab: The CoolLab learning toolkit includes free tutorials and labs for all learning levels.

This resource is ideal for anyone interested in learning the science of microscopy.• The LabKit: The new Cool Lab learning toolset is a great resource for educators.

It includes a collection of educational and fun projects to help kids learn how to use microscopes.• Learn Lab: The Learn Lab learning resources are designed for use by any scientist or educator.

This library includes easy to follow learning scenarios that will help students master the science and technology of microscopes and the latest scientific advances in the field.• Lab Tools: This library contains a large number of free tools for any scientist to use to learn more about the chemistry, biology, and physics of microscopies.

It also includes tutorials for all levels, so that you can quickly and easily access the resources in your library.• All-in-one Lab: With this library, students can easily use any of the lab tools to create their own interactive learning experiences.

The CoolLab Extension and CoolLab Library are now available for purchase through the CoolLab store.