How the ‘cool breeze’ technology works

Dry cooling technology is the term used for an air conditioner that cools the body by producing an atmosphere of steam, cooling and condensation.

The dry cooling process is one of the most important cooling technologies to develop for activewear.

The air conditioners are used to cool the hands, the feet and the torso during long, strenuous exercise.

“The air conditioning technology is a part of activewear because it helps you to maintain coolness during long periods of exercise, especially during hot weather,” said Giora Reuben, chief operating officer of Avid, a technology company that sells and markets activewear cooling technologies.

“It helps to keep the heat out of the hands and the feet.

It helps to reduce the fatigue, it helps to cool your core,” Reuben told The Jerusalem Times.

Avid, like many companies that sell activewear technology, has a number of products in the activewear market.

Among the products are a range of cooling products and heat-pump systems.

Avids main products are the Avid Aeroflush Aerofluids, Avid’s Cool Breeze and Avid Avid Cool Breezer.

The Cool Breezes come in a range from a low-profile, single-piece, $40,000 ($60,000) single-wall unit to a high-profile multi-wall, $65,000 unit.

The Aerofloush, a three-piece cooling unit, is the least expensive of the three.

The Avid cool Breezer, which has a three piece, is $75,000 and the Avids Avid Air Flow System, a four-piece unit, costs $85,000.

The cooling units are a combination of an air-conditioning unit and a cooling fan.

“We have a lot of different models and we are very flexible with what we sell, especially when it comes to price,” Reubens co-founder and chief operating executive, Arie Reuben said.

Avidd, which is headquartered in Jerusalem, is known for its air conditionings.

The company sells several models of coolers, which can range from low-tech single-walls to more sophisticated multi-walled units.

Avid has about 30,000 customers worldwide.

In addition to Avid products, Reuben owns a company called Evaporative Technologies that develops air conditioning and cooling technologies, as well as a number more specialized products.

He said the company also develops the Avitheat and AvitAir products, as did Avid in 2012 and Aviheat in 2016.

The Avid cooling technologies can help to maintain heat on the hands in extreme heat environments, such as hot deserts, he said.

The cool breeze technology is designed to cool a user’s extremities in hot, humid conditions.

It is similar to an evaporative cooler, but it does not work on the wearer.

Aviheat is a cooling system that is used for use in hot weather, when a person has to move to a different part of the room in order to cool off.

AviHeat is available in a three or four-wall model.

It comes in a single piece, a dual-wall or dual-paned model, a five- or six-piece model and a two- or three-wall version.

“AviHeat works very well for people who work in hot environments.

In hot environments, they are forced to work at very high temperatures, in hot conditions, they sweat a lot,” Reuchs co-president, Amit Reuben-Reuben, said.

“We are designing Avid air flow cooling to help cool the user in hot and humid conditions.”

Reuben said Avid is working with several universities, including the Hebrew University, to create new technologies to improve the cooling technology.

The Israeli Air Force is also developing its own cooling technologies and will use Avid technology to provide cooling in its future aircraft.