Which laptop cooler is right for you?

Dell is set to launch its next generation of laptop cooling systems this year, according to a report.

The company has been working on a new range of liquid cooling systems that will work with its upcoming laptop designs, according a report in The New York Times.

The company is expected to reveal its new line of laptop liquid cooling solutions during the company’s CES conference next month.

Dell’s new liquid cooling solution will likely be based on the same technologies used in Intel’s LGA1155 desktop CPUs.

That means the new laptop cooling system will likely work with the Intel Atom Z3740, Intel Celeron and Intel Core i7 chipsets.

Intel will likely release its own liquid cooling system, and Dell will likely partner with Intel to build a line of its liquid cooling products, the report said.

The new Dell liquid cooling plans will likely launch in the fourth quarter of next year, and the company will likely sell them to its laptop users, according the report.

The new liquid cooler is expected with a “high-end” cooling performance.

Dell has previously said that it is working on the liquid cooling technology for its laptop designs.