The cool tech that can’t be patented

FourFourSeconds ago, we wrote about a pair of patents granted to an Israeli startup that could turn your home computer into a smart home.

Now, a new patent filed in the US reveals a similar kind of smart home tech.

It is called the smart kitchen and it turns your computer into an indoor home automation system.

According to the patent application, the smart system uses sensors to monitor the home, and then uses the information to automatically adjust the thermostat.

The patent application also claims that the system can be used to turn on lights or heat, to make the fridge open or close, and to adjust the lighting in the room.

The smart kitchen is a smart thermostatic system, which essentially turns your kitchen into a controlled kitchen.

It works like this: The smart kitchen system detects when the thermpat sensor is closed, the water temperature is below the desired level, and the humidity is too high.

The system then adjusts the therampat accordingly, automatically setting the temperature.

The system then sends information to your phone via Bluetooth to control the lighting and the lighting settings.

The smartphone can also adjust the heat or the temperature of the room, depending on the sensors it detects.

The patent also shows a set of instructions for making the smart fridge and the smart freezer.

In this way, the system is designed to work even when the phone is not in use, and it also has a built-in alarm that is triggered by an unexpected change in temperature.

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