‘Stay Cool’ Technology Theme Is Changing the Way You Do Business

It was always a challenge for startups to get their products to market.

“We started with this one idea, and we had no clue how to make it work,” says Michael Sorkin, cofounder of social network Instagram.

Today, Instagram’s platform is one of the biggest in the world, with an average of more than 10 million monthly active users.

Sorkins team built the app to help people stay cool, but he says it can be used by anyone.

“It’s like the iPhone or the iPad of apps,” he says.

“Just add the cool technology to it.”

Sorkind’s app has been downloaded more than 6 million times.

It also launched on Apple’s iOS app store last month, bringing a cool tech twist to the social network.

“The cool tech is the app itself,” Sorkis says.

You can set the theme to a different color or mood and choose your own color, too.

“You can have a cool theme for the home, or you can have the cool theme on the news feed,” he explains.

“That’s something that’s unique to Instagram, and that’s what I really want.”

But Sorkings team has also made a few changes to make the app more appealing.

“One of the coolest things that we’ve done, for example, is to put the notification bar at the top of the screen,” he tells Quartz.

“When you open up the app, it’ll give you the best way to see what’s happening in the app.”

For example, you can now see what is new in your feed and the people that have replied to your messages.

And there’s also a new icon for the “favorite” section.

“What I love about this is that it’s like a little kid in the playground, so it makes sense for the kids to get the coolest stuff,” Sinkins says.

That means more people will see your photos.

“So I think we’re going to see more of this sort of app-based experience in the future,” he adds.

“But for now, this is something that I think is really cool.”

Sinkin says Instagram is just one of many tech companies looking to use cool tech to help its users stay cool.

“A lot of companies, like Google, are just really looking for ways to be more like a kid in a playground, because that’s how kids interact with technology,” he points out.

“And so, they’re really embracing cool tech, and the cool tech here is really about how to do that.”