Honda takes first steps in developing cooling system technology for its Civic vehicles

The first-ever cooling system for the new Civic Si and Si Turbo is expected to be ready for the next model year.Honda’s Civic-related cooling system is based on an existing technology known as “supercooling” that is used for cars with high performance exhaust systems.“The next-generation Civic Si sports car is expected with a supercooling engine […] →Read more

Which cool tech sheet is right for you?

Cool tech sheets can help you save time and money on your new computer or tablet.They can also help you get a better idea of what you can expect from your next purchase, and they can help save you money.Cool tech sheet examplesCool tech sheets are cool, but not always easy to use.They typically are […] →Read more

What Qatar will be like when it goes live in 2019

The Qatar government has officially begun planning for the first time for the nation to enter the global era of renewable energy.Dubbed Qatar’s Renewable Energy Nation, the government announced in December that it would create a $4 billion energy industry to provide jobs and growth to the region.It will include $300 million in government investment […] →Read more

Apple’s new line of iPhones is a $500 premium over the first generation

Apple has unveiled its next-generation iPhone, the iPhone 7, at its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.The new iPhone 7 comes in four colors: gold, rose gold, blue, and rose gold.It will start at $499 for the base model and go up to $699.The iPhone 7 is the first iPhone that Apple will not release […] →Read more

Scientists use nanofibers to slow down cooling technology

Scientists have developed a new way to slow cooling technology, and it may help the world stay cool.Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley (U.C. Berkeley) have developed nanoparticles that can slow down the growth of viruses and bacteria in cooling systems.In a new paper published in Nature Nanotechnology, the scientists say that these […] →Read more

How to watch the MLB All-Star Game online

A new app from is giving fans an online preview of the game this year.In addition to a full schedule, fans can check in on their team and see how the games are being played.The MLB app for mobile is one of the newest and most ambitious in MLB’s lineup, according to Major League […] →Read more

Which players have cooled their squad ahead of the Champions League group stage

Ahead of the European Championships, several top-flight players have applied the new cooling technology that is being adopted across the league.According to reports, AC Milan midfielder Andrea Pirlo, who was one of the main figures behind the introduction of cooling technology, applied the technology to his Milan squad on Wednesday.Pirlo’s team are preparing to face […] →Read more

The world’s hottest underwear is cooling your computer with technology

Underwear cooling technologies have a long history, but the latest tech is making them even hotter.The company behind the new Cooling Tech is tech is a new, emerging field that uses “smart” devices and software to help cool computers.The cooling tech has become so popular, there are now dozens of different companies in the […] →Read more

How to find cool deck technology and cool deck websites

Cool deck technologies like watercooling are often the most underutilized of the cool deck solutions.With their large heatsinks, the coolers on offer can often be a pain to setup.But there are also some cool deck sites that are good to look at.If you have an evergreen cooling technology and you’re looking for some cool home-built […] →Read more

Cool riser tech makes your bed easier

The bed that sleeps better, looks better and is quieter than a conventional bed has a breakthrough solution.The new innovation has been developed by a leading bed maker and has been designed by an international team of engineers.It has been created by bedmaker JB Hi-Flex and is designed to improve sleep quality and comfort.“It’s a […] →Read more