Lightning captain Nikita Kucherov to miss 7-game suspension

The Lightning captain will miss the rest of the season after being charged with a domestic violence incident, a league source confirmed to was suspended for seven games on Monday for allegedly hitting his girlfriend.Kukurov was also charged with assaulting a police officer after an altercation with his girlfriend in September.He was also suspended […] →Read more

How to use dual cool technologies

Dual cool technology is a new cooling technology that allows cooling to be done without any fans.It was first discovered by two Finnish scientists who developed a prototype.In a press conference, the pair explained that the cooling system was developed to provide cooling at a much lower temperature than traditional cooling systems.The cooling system is […] →Read more

Why You Should Consider the Cool Technology Behind the Cooler Cooler

A lot of people are concerned about the heat and humidity caused by clothing.In fact, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) recently stated that there is a “real risk” of lung cancer due to wearing clothes with high temperatures, humidity and heat exposure.But the real reason that people are getting sick is not […] →Read more

How to buy a $2,000-a-night room in Toronto’s exclusive cool risers

Buyers can now get a room with a $3,000 price tag in the city’s exclusive, $3.3-million cool riers, a feature built into the city hall building, a new design concept that offers the city an upscale, open-air, public space.article The city is spending $2.5 million to create a $1-million facility for the riser’s users, but […] →Read more

When Will We See The Movie ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’? ‘It’s Not Too Late’: ‘Star Trek’ Director Explains The Return Of ‘Star War’

By now, the buzz around the film has been so extensive that we’ve got a full-fledged article to write on the subject.So it makes sense that Disney would want to start sharing some of its behind-the-scenes tidbits with us now, right?Not necessarily.It seems that the first teaser trailer for ‘Star Battle’ is actually only the […] →Read more

How to install cool air cooling in your home

The next time you hear about cool air conditioning, it probably won’t be from the movies or the TV shows.But it could be a way to keep your house cool and save money.It’s a popular idea among home-owners and builders, but the cool air technology is still in its early stages.It relies on air moving […] →Read more

‘Cool technology projects’: What’s cool and why you should care

Cool technology projects are the latest buzzword to emerge from the burgeoning field of robotics, where a number of firms are experimenting with new and innovative ways to control a robotic body.One such project, called Autonomy Robotics, is focused on autonomous driving.The company is developing autonomous cars that are able to use their own internal […] →Read more

When Aircon Cooling Technology Hits The Streets

The Aircon cooling tech is a little known technology that is becoming more and more popular in the automotive industry.The Aircooler is an air compressor that can cool your car and is currently being used to cool cars in the United States.However, this technology is not currently being sold in the UK, and it has […] →Read more

How does the Dry Cooling Technology work?

A new technology is used to dry cool your water in the shower or tub and also when you use it in the car or in a shower.This new technology has been developed by a California company.It’s called the DryCooler.The DryCooling Technology is an air-cooling device which is attached to a hose and then the […] →Read more

How to get rid of the hot water on your clothes

The most efficient way to cool your clothes is to heat them with a water heater.That’s a good idea, but how do you get it to work?That’s where the cooling technology cools through a process called thermo-acoustic transfer.You can learn how to do that by reading this article on Cooling Technology.Thermo-ACoustic Transfer: How Cooling WorksA […] →Read more